The Largest Threat to Eye Health This Century

[ Source: Johnson & Johnson Vision ]

The Problem

Myopia is an emerging global epidemic where the eye is improperly formed during childhood, resulting in blurred vision and potential blindness.

The World Health Organization has determined that by 2050, half of the world's population is projected to be myopic. One billion are expected to have high myopia, a severe state of the condition that can lead to retinal disease with an increased risk of blindness.

[ Source: World Health Organization ]

[ Source: World Health Organization ]

Between 2018 and 2050, worldwide blindness associated with myopia will triple, and estimates of a total societal cost associated with myopia will reach US $1.7 Trillion. Compared to costs of other major comorbidities in the US in 2018, myopia already ranks 11th, ahead of congestive heart failure, lung and breast cancer.

[ Source: Springer ]

The Two Leading Causes of Myopia

While some cases of myopia will emerge regardless, the rapid increase is due mainly to cultural shifts worldwide.


Children inherit a tendency to develop myopia from their parents. Studies of myopia are well-established and have indicated the important role of genetic factors.

[ Source: NCBI ]

Environmental Factors

Environmental factors include reading, writing, and screen time. Today's culture shows that an increase in time spent indoors, away from natural light, influences myopia development.

[ Source: Journal of Ophthalmology ]

There are methods available today that attempt to manage myopia. However, each system comes with complexities, varied results, ongoing costs, and social stigmas.

[ Source: Review of Optometry]

With each system available, while they attempt to treat myopia, they do not address the underlying cause.

Our Solution

Our approach promotes healthy eye development by both addressing as well as avoiding the emergence of myopia.

Screen time has replaced outdoor play.

More than 33% of parents with a child under 12 say their child began interacting with a smartphone before the age of 5.

[ Source: PEW Research ]

The Power of Light

Studies have demonstrated that exposure to sunlight on a regular basis promotes healthy eye development.

[ Source: Nature ]

Light exposure of 480nm wavelength was found to trigger the release of retinal dopamine, having a positive effect on reducing axial elongation of the eye, the malformation responsible for myopia.

Eyewear that Solves

Our patent-pending solution passively delivers 480nm spectrum light to the eye replicating the benefits of being outdoors, even when they are not.

A science-based, kid-friendly, accessible approach to addressing eye health, and the key underlying cause of this global epidemic.

Patent Pending

Eyewear for Selective Filtering and Enhancing of Melatonin-Suppressing Electromagnetic Radiation
Filed: 05/14/2021
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