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The Betterlab Manifesto


Todd Bracher

Despite the belief that there is an available solution for everything, many of the world's leading health, social, and environmental concerns remain largely unaddressed.

At Betterlab, what keeps us up at night are the problems that remain after a viable solution has been developed yet still failed for reasons that are solvable.

What gets us up each morning is the knowledge that there are visionaries dedicating their lives to finding solutions intended to measurably change our world for the better.

We must support these ideas and the people behind them to have an impact that benefits us all. The problems we collectively face are solvable – that said, we need to solve them ethically, responsibly, and sustainably. Innovative Ideas need expert stewardship at every step to see the light of day.

We must recognize that a portfolio of patents alone does little good. It is by converting the theory of innovators into tangible plans that meaningful progress is made.

We must guide solutions to their destination with expert execution and nuanced comprehension of contemporary culture so that widespread adoption can occur. We must learn to navigate the technological, business, and communication hurdles that cause many life-changing ideas to lose their way.

Solutions do not spread on merit alone. They are often the first to fade into the fog of disinformation. At Betterlab, we believe visionary solutions require visionary execution. Only by delivering our life’s work together can the intent of measurable change be achieved.

Todd Bracher

CEO & Founder



Betterlab is a visionary Industrial Design partner that co-creates with scientists, technologists, and innovators to shape emerging research and foundational technologies into game-changing products and solutions that improves our bodies, minds, and the world in a measurable way.


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